Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day 4...

I'm on day 4... which seems like an eternity! I began my purification diet... not a diet to lose weight necessarily, a diet to cleanse my body and rid me of cravings! Here's my diet: limited fruits, mostly any vegetables, and water/herbal tea. Exciting hu?
It amazes me how many things I would stuff in my face without thinking about it... and I'm not referring to an entire pan of fudge brownies, although I would kill for one right now, I'm referring to simple things like a slice of toast, crackers with my soup, dip with my veggies, dressing on my salad... never once did these insignificant, tasty additions once cross my mind.
Now I have to think of everything I eat... because my habits may lure me into a glass of milk, or slice of cheese without consciously knowing about it!

The awareness is so REAL and raw, but it feels good to be disciplined and have the power to do this. I only have 18 more days to go... OMG.. 18 days??!!?!? It feels like an eternity right now... no more dinner out on Saturday night with the hubby, beer after work or falling into temptation... I am alone with my veggies... and we shall conquer our battles with EVIL! We shall succeed...

Mean while, I'm stuffing my face with a vegetable soup my husband so lovingly created for me (bless his heart)... while inside, I'm dying just to dip a cracker in it!! And it's not that I COULDN'T have one however, any veering from this very particular diet could have adverse affects on it's effectiveness... so I refrain from my binging urges for that reason alone... I want this purification to do all it can for me.

I must be strong... the weekend nearing whispers in my ear of a brewery's "new beer release party"... for $5 you can have all the samples and appetizers you want... (GULP)!


Blogger Sara said...

You can dooooooooooooooo eeeeeeet! Stay strong and just have B keep on cookin' for ya! (Gah I just sounded SOOOOO Texan. Blech).

2:47 PM  

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