Friday, February 24, 2006


... how things coming from my fingers sound so much better than when they come from my mouth. Hmm...

When my mouth is shut and my mind is focused, it's like I open up... those inhibitions disappear and I am left with only raw thoughts and truths... and my fingers fear no one. If only I wrote letters rather than spoke. What would my life be like? Would I still have friends? Probably not... or maybe I'd have been able to detect all of the shitty ones long ago.
Are we all afraid to be so honest?

The question of "why" has become meaningful lately. It is no longer a define-less filler word, it has depth and character; it can tell stories... so don't just shrug when I ask "why." There is always an explanation deeper than what we let on... but we tend to minimize our honesty in order to avoid confrontation, judgement and feelings. It's actually more difficult to be dishonest with yourself and others, but it seems so easy in the beginning.

I sound like a freak. I sound too deep and complicated and mysterious and confused... gag me.
Come on now, I love the song "Physical" by Olivia Newton John... how complicated can I be?


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