Thursday, February 23, 2006

Could be nothing...

I just got this overwhelming rush of inspiration, it's only temporary I'm sure. I was thinking about yesterday, how I sent all of my girlfriends the "Phenomenal Woman" poem by Maya Angelou. I like being that friend. I enjoy uplifting and inspiring others, if only for a moment. I like knowing that this exsists in me.
I see myself as this great person... someone who people are gravitated toward, someone who people want to be around. But then when I look in the mirror... I am not faced with that person... it's just me, and I have lost that imaginary reflection.
Funny how we're so afraid of who we really want to be... of truly grasping our passions and the things we yurn for the most. Why are we afraid? Why are we afraid of being so great and amazing... of stepping out of ourselves if only for a moment to enjoy that new life we so desperately crave? I don't understand why we feel inhibited... repressing the things we should feel so entitled to.
I want to think there is some great mystery to be unraveled here... some psychological phenomenon, but I don't believe there is.
I think it's quite simple: When we're less like everyone else, living strongly from our hearts, in tune with our spirit and body, it's then that we're unstoppable, but also then that we're susceptible... more vulnerable, to the fears we were unable to face when we were just existing... when we were just moving through life without creating a wave here or there. There are new characteristics that will come with a new identity.

But I see it this way: You actually face far fewer obstacles being who you believe you were meant to be than living your life out just "being."
What a far better story you'll have to tell if you talk about the things you faced that scared you the most... but that you were able to handle because you were living for YOU.

That's the life story I want to live.


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